Wholesale Information

Do you buy in large quantities? Are you interested in WHOLESALE? 

Please make sure you have registered a regular account on our website in order to proceed. Please email us at info@sassykidblanks.com. In order to be eligible, please include a scanned copy of your retail license certificate with your confirmation for our records. Once approved, we can convert your account over to wholesale status. A Sassy Kid wholesale account is perfect for those wishing to purchase items in large quantities and build up your stash of Sassy products. Please read through this information and let us know if you would like to proceed.

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Minimums:  Ordering from us is easy! All we ask for your first Sassy Kid Blanks.com website wholesale order is to place a minimum $200 subtotaled order before shipping. There is one low price on all items. Order anything you like! After your first order, the minimum re-order amount is $100 subtotal before shipping– that’s all.  

If an opening account first order does not meet the $200 minimum requirement, it will be cancelled and is subject to cancellation without notification. As a wholesale account customer, you are expected to make purchases on a regular basis. If it is determined that you are not consistently making purchases, Sassy Kid reserves the right to revert your account back to regular retail status and subject to the first order minimum reorder of $200.